Daniel Kilgore for Ohio

COVID-19 Emergency Policy Response

Disease Prevention and Response​

  • Deploy the National Guard – in high risk areas to disinfect public spaces and assist healthcare facilities in widespread testing.
  •  Expand Medicare and Medicaid – services to ensure free testing and treatment of those effect by COVID-19
  • Free COVID-19 Vaccination – to all Americans and territories of the United State when it is developed.
  •  Divert Funds into Testing and away from temporary stock market relief
  • Drive- Through Testing Centers – will be made immediately publicly available outside of hospitals, urgent cares and minute clinics to prevent overwhelming and exposing healthcare facilities, healthcare workers, and patients.
  • Suspend ICE and Deportations- temporary suspension ICE task force activity and deportation cases and or arrests while Pandemic and national emergency in effect. To prevent spread of the virus to officers and the communities as while as immigrants.

Economic Preparation

  • Universal Basic Income Payment – of $2000 will be given to every American adult earning less than $70,000 a year with an additional $650 per child in the home for the duration of the emergency.
  •  Classify Grocery Store Employees as Emergency Workers – and qualify them for paid sick leave and free childcare for the duration of the emergency
  • Moratorium on Rent and Mortgage – payments nationwide and suspend utility bills for the duration of the emergency
  • Suspend Farm Service Agency Loan Payments and expand crop insurance
  • Eliminate all Federal Student Loan Debt- in preparation for the long term economic consequences and to create more fluidity in consumer spending in the future
  • Boost in Social Security payments and increase of $200 -500 a month to those that receive Social Security or Social Security Disability.
  • Environmental Stipulations for Airline Companies – that request taxpayer dollars in the form of a government bailout. Conditions would require airline companies adopt carbon emissions reduction measures including phasing out older airline models, transition into more fuel efficient planes, and include the carbon footprint per flight for consumers by 2030. In addition any government loan must be paid back to the federal government.
  • Bailout Stipulations – for any industry accepting taxpayer dollars in the form of a government bailout suspending layoffs for one year and executive bonuses for two years. Allowing with no stock buybacks for three years and all government loans or bailouts paid back to the federal government.
  • Mail-in Ballots can be requested by anyone in any election. During this pandemic and in any future states of emergency, voter deadlines will be extended, in-person voting suspended, and ballots will be exclusively by mail in every state and the Federal government will provide reimbursement for the cost associated to the state for implementation. As well as any in-person ballots that were cast in the days leading up to the emergency declarations and in-person voting suspended to mail –in only, those votes still must be counted